A native Brazilian of Korean heritage, Jussara Lee moved to New York to study Fashion Design. In 1991, she unveiled a collection under her signature name and was quickly embraced by prominent retailers, such as Barneys and Bergdorf Goodman, followed by international distribution to Japan’s Isetan and Hong Kong’s Joyce. Since then, she has spent the last decade focusing on craftsmanship and fit. Her shop is an atelier where clients are treated to a custom made experience in the hands of this modern couturier. The result: highly structured, hand crafted tailored clothes.

With her trademark simplicity and understated elegance, Jussara Lee delivers a much needed respite from relentless trends and obsessive ostentation too familiar today. She creates with a purity of thought and design, producing timeless pieces. Discarding pretense and artifice, she infuses her work with dignity and her classic creations are animated with a modern originality that transcends category and period. Her pieces startle with a subtle sophistication that radiates charisma, substantial in their nod to history, while invigorating with a fresh take on tradition. A refined sensibility flows throughout her work; her unaffected approach and graceful shapes highlight the impeccable form of her clothes.