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The "Un-Fashion Week" - The Savoteur

"I met designer Jussara Lee last year thanks to an introduction by a mutual acquaintance. He thought we would get along since we shared a similar approach to sustainability in design. Was he ever right! I was happy to be her “date” to the CFDA Fashion Awards show, sporting one of her wedding dresses that she turned into evening wear simply by dyeing it naturally with coffee grounds. I sat down with her recently to talk about the philosophies behind her eponymous label, Jussara Lee."

"When we think of successful designers, we often turn to those who pile their fashion-week front rows with Kanyes and Kims — or large-scale manufacturers who dominate the airwaves and ad campaigns. We often don't see the success below the surface: the people paving the way for a new mode of thinking. This is the part of fashion that is most intriguing, because it's often those on the periphery who influence the status quo, not the other way around."

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