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Coffee Stained Hangers

I am convinced that the best ideas are born out of necessity. I had orange color wood hangers from one of my previous fashion incarnations and needed to update the look. I have always been passionate about nature and am highly motivated to conserve it, or what is left of it. The thought of throwing the old hangers and creating trash was not an option, so I had the brilliant (not very modest, right?) idea of covering them with fabric. I had a small roll of Matt Jersey that had the stretching property I needed for this project, but the color was not desirable. Nonetheless, driven by the intention of repurposing the old material, I decided to go with it. I tried to convince myself and my team that the color wasn't so bad but not successfully. The hangers looked sad and pale. That is when the coffee stain approach came about, another brilliant idea! The first stage of it, made the fowl original color look putty so I started to play with graphics and landed on this camouflage print. We all agreed that now they were ready for battle... Please contact us if you want to save your old scratchy hangers.