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Facts About Fireworks Conclude They Are Detrimental To The Environment


With the 4th of July quickly approaching we can all anticipate the extensive collection of fireworks that will be lighting up the night sky. But did you know the lasting damage the toxins in the fireworks can cause to humans, animals and plant life?

The main toxic substances in fireworks is metals. The smoke from these metals when inhaled, causes serious and lasting health damages and is quite harmful to the environment, meaning us humans, animals, birds and plant life.

These toxins, often referred to as acid rain, land in our waterways and the metallic substance released is then inhaled by fish. They die in a short period of time or get very sick. Animals and humans who eat fish then, consume the toxins inside them.

Add in dry and hot weather and the chances of forest fires caused by fireworks increase. In 2013, fireworks caused 57 incidents in Nebraska alone.