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"Hand Me Up" Fall Edition

Welcome to the Fall edition of  “Hand Me Up”, a pop-up thrift store comprised of clothes donated by our beloved clients. Following the success of last Spring’s introduction of the project, we are launching our second edition on Sustainability Day, October 25th.

The inspiration for this project stems from the fact that the average American doesn't wear 75% of what's in their closet. By forming the “Hand Me Up” project it is our way of attempting to disrupt the waste caused by this problem. The rise of fast fashion has transformed the fashion industry into one of the most polluting industries in the world. Americans alone produce around 15 million tons of textile waste a year, most of which ends up in landfills. Worse yet is that the dyes used to create these clothes is polluting waterways and the sweatshops that many of these products are produced in are typically dangerous and unfair to their workers.

Jussara Lee is committed to Slow Fashion, which means that each of her pieces is designed to be a wardrobe staple of the highest quality. By doing this, it gives each item a longer lifespan and reduces customers need to over consume clothing. These same principles are carried into Jussara’s “Hand Me Up” project. Many of Jussara’s clients find their closets cramped with high-quality, well-made clothing that sit unworn. By donating these clothes to Jussara Lee, we are able to revamp them with the addition of hand stitching and fabric scraps applique. By adding unique hand stitches and hand sewn embellishments we are able to give this clothing a new life.


This year’s hand me up project still consists of approximately 50 items, with the addition of menswear and it contains a wider array of luxury goods. Some highlights include Hermes, Loro Piana, Kiton coats, cashmere sweaters, and cocktail wear. There will also be a small selection of pieces from previous Jussara Lee collections that have been reworked. A piece of the proceeds will be donated to Slow Food USA - an organization dedicated to transforming the way we produce, consume and enjoy food into a fair and clean practice.