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I Am On My Last Straw !

Plastic is everywhere !!! On a 5 minute walk on the beach of pristine Tulum, on the coast of Mexico, my sister and I, with the help of her 8-year-old son trailing behind, summed up a bag full of it.

The bottle caps, coffee cups and covers, forks and more caps, all look more familiar than I wished. In fact, they could have been mine! I then realized that when I throw away my empty toothpaste, take-out containers, and just everything that is not recyclable or organic, most that I am left with is plastic packaging and such.

Let's admit the math is quite off: while it takes hundreds of years for plastic to decompose, we voraciously consume and dispose of it in a matter of minutes or, seconds.

Famous on social media, this turtle is the symbol of our movement to curb single use plastic.

So I declare:  " I am on my last straw!"

Good news is, we, as consumers, can bring upon solution because our purchases hold all the power!! When we choose not to buy a product because of the way it is packaged, not only we are fighting pollution but we are also informing big corporations that they need to improve. Companies want to keep us as customers and they have the financial means and technology in place to come up with biodegradable solutions faster than one can throw away a plastic water bottle.

And there are companies that are encouraging more sustainable and ethical behavior, take Susty Party for instance. They create party table ware and home goods that are compostable and sustainable. Click here to shop Susty Party eco-friendly disposable tableware.

Photo Courtesy from Instagram

By engaging in the solution, we feel powerful because we realize that in actuality, we can live without the conveniences of plastic. It does take a little planning to remember to bring our own coffee cup, water bottle, take out containers, but it is emboldening and gratifying to be part of a growing, caring community.

And last but not least, remember that plastic is made out of petroleum, which destroys ecosystems, kills animals, and ultimately contaminates the food chain.

Photo Courtesy from Post Conflict

Together we shall say: "We are on our last straw!"