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New Year's Aspirations
In light of the New Year, we here at Jussara Lee will keep striving to live and work by our beliefs and values. As the environment has always been in the forefront of our minds, we are finding attractive ways to not only lower our impact, but to also encourage the community around us to rethink habits and be more conscious of the earth. With that being said, we are working on a charming project that we cannot wait to share with you all. 
In terms of fashion, we have read that the average American does not wear 75% of what is in their closet, If you were to glance at your closet, you would probably be nodding in agreement, So, we have decided to come help you sort through it. We will mend the items that need TLC, style some for another round, and separate the undesirable items, taking the "purge pile" away. And although normally we would say, let us just donate them, we have also read that Sub Saharan countries and the Pacific Islands, where most of the donated clothes go, suffer greatly as the clothing ends up in their landfills. So we are creating our own second hand store of sorts, with a Jussara Lee twist. Taking old clothing and revamping them into stylish new pieces, each garment will be unique and one of a kind, ready for a new home. And, to really produce an environmentally conscious ecosystem, all of our hangers and racks will be made out of materials that would otherwise end up in garbage bins, such as plastic, wiring, and fabric scraps. 
We hope you get inspired to engage in our efforts to curb pollution. It truly is about community effort and the ripple effect that our positive acts can invoke and influence. Let us join hands and be the change.
Here is a little preview.