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Making a Switch to Green Energy

Did you know that electricity production is the most polluting industry in the United States? This is because the majority of the electricity is generated from dirty, non-renewable fossil fuel sources like coal, natural gas, and oil. 

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But there is a solution: making a switch to green energy. Green or clean energy, on the other hand is 100% renewable because it is made out of resources that are naturally replenished like water, sun, and or wind. And although green energy will not solve all the environmental problems that exist, it is a start and a commitment to being more conscious about our behaviors and how they impact the planet. 

Green energy will be slightly more costly than what we normally receive from the market and energy companies, but the pollution we will be diverting is worth those few extra dollars. We have to think about the future for generations to come, and this is one step towards preserving what we have left. 

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In the long run, there are obviously environmental benefits through green energy, but also economic ones. First off, we will be eliminating the release of harmful chemicals into our air, water, and soil that contribute to climate change, mercury poisoning, smog, acid rain, and respiratory diseases. We also will decrease the harm to land that fossil fuel production requires. Economically, we will be increasing job opportunities in the green employment sector, supporting and developing America's own energy source, and encouraging development in rural areas because these areas have the resource potential and space the renewable facilities will need. 

And it is extremely easy to initiate -- it only took us less than an hour in total to get in touch with a helpful spokesperson that walked us through the process, explained things clearly, and successfully helped us make the switch. 

If you're in New York here are two great options: 



Both these companies have fixed rates and work with your current supplier to provide the energy, which means you still pay your bill in the same place, so there's no confusion. 

If you're not located in New York, a quick Google search of your city and green energy should lead you to some local companies that can help you easily transition to clean energy. 

It is our duty to do as much as we can to protect our earth for the generations to come. We cannot neglect the severe damage or simply sit idly and take no action to prevent further pollution and harm. It is our kids and grandchildren that will be living on the same earth, so we should do as much as we possibly can to protect what we have now.