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Plastic Free July

This year we are taking the Plastic Free July pledge that originated in Australia in hopes of bringing the movement to the US. We originally heard about it from Lindsay Miles and she has a great write up about it too. 
By taking the pledge, you are agreeing to refuse all single-use, disposable plastics for the whole month. Although it may seem daunting to say no to plastic because of the convenience, we encourage you all to take the pledge too because it is better to try than to not do anything at all. 
We all know the toxic problems that plastic causes and now this is our chance to come together and make a difference. In most cases, I am foreseeing that you will all discover just how easy and rewarding it is to simply bring your own tupperware when you're buying food instead of taking excessive and unneeded plastic or paper packaging. 
It will take practice at first and may seem tedious at times, but we are all in this together. Think about how much plastic you will be saving every time you use your own fork when eating take out instead of throwing away a fork each meal. This is the start to developing better habits and encouraging the surrounding community to engage in more conscious behavior as well. So I am asking you all to take the Plastic Free July pledge with me :).