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Why I Love Slow Food

Dear Friends,

Slow Food is the organization I most identify my core values with:

-The food we eat should be nutritious 
-Food should be fair and just for all, from those who produce it to those who consume it
-Food production should respect and protect the environment
-Quality food should be available for everyone, not just the privileged 

Support Slow Food

"If the only thing we care about is low prices, we cannot change the world."
-Carlo Petrini
Founder of Slow Food
"What a dramatic change could be made if we paid farmers for the real cost of food."
-Alice Waters
Chef, author, activist and founder of Chez Panisse
"Five percent of the national debt goes to treating food-related diseases [such as diabetes and obesity]."
-Michel Nischan
Chef, author and food equity advocate

Slow Fashion panelists at the Slow Food Nations in Denver: Bob Shaver, Jussara Lee, Kevin Boyer, Rebecca Burgess

Alice Waters introduces "Lunch as an Academic Subject"
"Gangster Gardener" Ron Finley with students from Denver Public Schools

Richard McCarthy, Carlo Petrini, Senator Michael Bennet, Alice Waters