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The average American doesn't wear 80% of what is in their closet. Special clients are invited to donate their excess clothes and with the help of couture techniques, such as hand embroidery and hand stitching, we revitalized and transformed them into one-of-a-kind pieces. As we find them new homes, their life span is prolonged and together we become a part of a Circular Economy, where nothing ends up in the landfills. Got inspired to streamline your closet? Bring your own clothes and we will apply the same Creative Mending techniques and bring them back to life.

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Our clients were struggling with the all too common dilemma of having too many clothes, yet nothing to wear. We wanted to help create a more functional wardrobe for them, so we invited a few close customers to unclutter their closets. They came with their garment bags in tow, stuffed with clothes that they simply didn’t wear. We went through them using our hand stitching techniques, tweaking and mending pieces back into closet circulation. The ones that didn’t make the editing process were donated to us. And Hand me Up was born!


The introduction of the “Hand Me Up” collections and our mending services are a natural progression from bespoke, custom-made items. We want to make you the best fitting, best quality clothes with the gentlest impact on the environment. Hand Me Up is another way of accomplishing this goal while retaining the same care and attention as our more traditional tailoring.