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Increase Your Albedo! and Albedo Pilgrims

Increase Your Albedo!

Increase Your Albedo! was a fashion and arts based awareness campaign, helping to spread the word that every individual can do something about climate change.

Albedo is a measure of the earth’s reflectivity. The more reflective the Earth, the less sun is absorbed and the cooler it stays. Ice and snow are white. When they melt, the earth gets less reflective, warmer. More ice melts, and it gets even warmer.

Jussara Lee collaborated with the Canary Project with a sculptural installation of 550 white dress shirts that hung outside of her old shop in the Meat Packing District. Engineered by Orlando Palacios, the shirt clouds represented the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere we will reach by 2050, double of what was measured prior to the Industrial Revolution.

Images via The Canary Project.

Albedo Pilgrims

Annie Murdock and Jussara Lee repurposed the white shirts from the Albedo Clouds and transformed them into sculptural dresses and one men's suit. The Pilgrims spread the message of wearing white and increasing the reflectivity of the Earth. One of the dresses was donated to the F.I.T. Museum.

Images via The Canary Project.