Reliable hand tailored clothes individually made.

Men's Sizing

Men's Shirts
Size Chest Neck
0 34½" 14½"
1 36" 15"
2 37½" 15½"
3 39" 16"
4 40½" 16½"
5 42" 17"
6 43½" 17½"

Women's Sizing

Women's Shirts
Size Chest Neck
0 32" 12½"
2 33" 13"
4 34" 13½"
6 35" 14"
8 36" 14½"
10 38" 15"


Before washing

Make sure to undo all the buttons and to turn all shirts inside out. This will reduce the strain on the stitches holding the buttons in place, will protect the mother of pearl buttons from chipping on the steel drum, and will allow the detergent to work directly on under-arm stains.


We recommend a lower wash temperature of 86°F (30°C) and to air-dry all shirts.

Wash and Press

Make sure to ask the launder’s professional advice for a lower temperature wash to prevent potential shrinking.

Dry Cleaning

We do not recommend dry-cleaning shirts, as the chemicals tend to yellow the cotton and to weaken the mother of pearl buttons.

Shipping & Returns


Orders ship via USPS in 3-5 days.


We understand it might take one or two tries before finding the size that fits you best. If this is your first time shopping with us, and your shirt isn’t absolutely perfect, send it back within ten days and we’ll either refund the purchase or (our recommendation) we’ll send you the size we think might fit better. Once you find your size, you’re all set. We cut all of our shirts to a consistent pattern, so you’ll never have to do any guessing once we have your number, unless your weight fluctuates.

If you’ve shopped with us before and know your size, but would like to return the shirt for any other reason, send it back and we will credit you in the amount of the item’s full price. You can use your store credit toward any future purchases.

We build our shirts to the highest standards, and we pack them that way too, but on the off-chance that a shirt arrives damaged or is not the product you ordered, we will pay for the shipping to get it back and will send you a replacement right away.

Making a Return

1. Send us an email explaining what is wrong. Send pictures if necessary.

2. After a day or two, we will get back to you with a return authorization number.

3. Box up your shirt and packing slip (use the old packaging if possible).

4. Write your return authorization number on the outside of the box.

5. Ship it to us:

Jussara Lee Shirt Co. 60 Bedford St New York, NY 10014

6. We will send you a confirmation message when we receive your package.