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A Tribute to Endangered Animals

To help curb deforestation, please be aware that your consuming habits have a direct effect on it. That is so empowering, right? Just by avoiding disposables, you will be preserving these animals and their habitats. Chopsticks = Deforestation of forests. Plastics = Fossil fuel extraction.

A friend reported back after a Global Wild Life Conservation meeting about so many of them that are going extinct. Here we created embroideries in their homage to share their dwindling numbers and to bring awareness to the issue. It is a good way to start the conversation.

The Vaquita Dolphin is the world’s rarest marine mammal. Its population has dwindled to half of what it was 3 years ago due to illegal fishing operations. There are fewer than 60 of them still in existence.

The Black Spider Monkey is endangered due to human intrusions of deforestation and logging, which disrupts their habitat. There are only 2,000 of them in existence.

Elephants are an endangered species due to poaching for their ivory. There are two subspecies of elephant, the African and the Asian. Including all the subspecies, there are only 470,000 of them in existence.

Gorillas have become an endangered species due to Bushmeat trade, loss of habitat, disease, and human intrusions. There are four subspecies of gorillas: the Western Lowland, the Eastern Lowland,  the Cross River, and the Mountain Gorilla. All considered to be endangered. Including all subspecies of Gorillas there are roughly only 105,000 of them in existence.

The Saola Deer often called the Asian unicorn, little is known about the enigmatic saola in the two decades since its discovery. None exist in captivity and this rarely-seen mammal is already critically endangered. Scientists have categorically documented saola in the wild on only four occasions to date.

The Sumatran Rhino population is endangered due to poaching. Its population is so low that it was declared extinct in Malaysia in 2015. There are fewer than 100 of them still in existence.