Reliable hand tailored clothes individually made.

Jussara Lee X Weaving Hand

Bulging boxes of fabric left overs moved around with me from the Garment District studio to Soho, the Meat Packing, and the West Village. All locations where i worked from.

I kept them for a number of reasons: they held memories and stories of custom made pieces, they were quality raw materials and most importantly, if I were to throw them away, they would turn into garbage.

One special day, in the Fall of 2015, I met Cynthia from The Weaving Hand, an artisan who operated a number of old fashion wooden looms, out of her studio in Brooklyn. From then on, the game changed forever. Fabric left overs found their way out of the boxes onto these looms and were transformed into beautiful hand woven textiles.

In the process, we engaged the under privileged community to help us cut and separate the scraps into tiers, used our creativity and imagination to curb pollution, while keeping it all local.




Hand Woven Coat


Hand Woven Jacket


Hand Woven Skirt