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Information & Policies


Our theory on Shirt returns is as follows:
If this is your first purchase, we understand it might take a trial or two until we determine your size. Once you have tried one of our shirts, you have in essence tried them all (our shirts are cut to the same pattern). When you receive your first shirt, if the fit is not for you, of course we won't hold you to your purchase and you can send it back. After that, please make decisions appropriately so as not to waste energy and packaging, shipping a shirt back and forth.

Here are the details:
Returns may be made within ten days of purchase. Inital purchase will be refunded upon receipt, approval pending; so long as things are received the way we sent them (recycle the packaging if you can!). All subsequent purchases can be returned for store credit or exchange only. Return shipping is your responsibility. If the item is damaged or not the product you ordered, we will pay to get it back.

Here's how to make a return:
1. Send us an email explaining what is wrong. Send pictures if necessary.
2. Wait a day or two. We will get back to you as soon as possible, and provide you with a return authorization number.
3. Box up your purchase and packing slip (use the old packaging if possible).
4. Write your return authorization number on the outside of the box.
5. Ship it to us:
Jussara Lee Shirt Co.
60 Bedford St
New York, NY 10014
6. Await confirmation

We charge a flat rate of $100 USD for all international shipping

Your questions can be directed to mail@jussaralee.com