Reliable hand tailored clothes individually made.


Everytime I make a wedding dress or suit, I pray this is a match made in heaven and that it will last until death do them apart. I think it is a blessing to meet someone you feel strong about sharing the rest of your life with. I also think it takes close to a miracle to stay together in virtue of all the things that can go wrong: people grow apart, people change, people loose interest. With that been said, I boast that our track record has been stellar. From the many outfits I have designed for the past 20 plus years, all the clients that stay in contact with us are still together and are still in love. I want to say it is the love and care we put into the clothes we make but truthfully I think it has to do with our kind of approach and the people that sign up to our services which are real people.


Whether you want a dress or a suit we apply the same principle: understated elegance, attention to details and the highest level of craftsmanship. We are here to help you make that decision.


If this is not your first marriage, you might be looking for a more down to earth approach to your wedding dress. We can help you achieve that without forsaking quality and the perfect fit. We will introduce color to our dialogue and the silhouette that best fits you. Our mission is to make you feel as special as a first time bride but with more life experience.


After your first visit, you will be familiar with our design approach which begins with a dialogue about style and silhouettes. You will have seen our current styles and perused our selection of swatches. Then we will schedule a more formal meeting (this should be at least 3 months before your wedding date). To start, you and I will talk about the ceremony, the setting, season, and climate. We will choose the shape of your gown or suit, take your measurements, and discuss any special details. All fittings are conducted by Jussara herself and adjustments will be made to perfect the fit. It is during these sessions that we will select trimmings and consider any design tweaks.


Here are some details we love to apply on our clothes:
French Re-embroidered Lace with Scalloped Edges
Vintage Mother of Pearl buttons
Starburst Pleats
Bias Cut Silk
Handkerchief Hem on Pleats
Silk Hand Tailored Suit
Painters Cloth Jacket with Hand Stitching
Silk bow with tail train

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Weekend appointments available upon request, send us some dates and time.
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