Reliable hand tailored clothes individually made.

The Hand Tailored World Of Jussara Lee - I Am The Lab

"Jussara Lee begins the biographical information on her website with these words: “Too many possessions can make life sluggish. I have a small store, live in a small apartment. I bike or walk to work. These are luxuries to me. Less to manage, less to clean, less bills to pay.” With words like that as an introduction, you know you’re about to enter the world of an artist who understands the dynamics of both creativity and simplicity. Jussara embodies the kind of artistic power that unfurls itself with every hand tailored piece she creates. ‘Uncomplicated elegance’ feels like the best way to  describe what you will see on display in her eponymous collection of hand tailored clothing.

 Working from her New York City studio, Jussara designs and makes a beautiful and pristine collection of hand tailored shirts and dresses. These expertly made staples are perfect for someone who is building a lasting wardrobe. I personally love the designs of these shirts, available for both men and women. As a fan of vintage movies, I used to marvel at the idea of detachable collars, so I’m thrilled and intrigued by the fact that Jussara makes those as well. My goodness, I really love this collection!"

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