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Outfits Our Brides Have Worn - The New York Times

"Custom designed lace. Tailored men's wear. A dress altered hours before the wedding: The women featured in our wedding announcements in recent months wore bridal outfits that told many stories. Here, we bring you a selection of photographs from their weddings, with details about where each bought their dress.

 Matching Bows - Andrea Christie and Nan Min in Jussara Lee

Dr. Christie  and Dr. Min wanted matching wedding attire that was versatile enough to let them move to the Argentine tango, their first dance. They chose Jussara Lee in New York for custom designs. Dr. Min chose a princess-style dress, with hidden deep pockets. Dr. Christie wanted an all-white tuxedo, and ended up with an off-white wool crepe suit with a bow tie to match the bow in Dr. Min’s dress."

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