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Birds Of Paradise

I am always thinking of ways to use creativity as a tool to transform waste into something desirable. Too many items have been trashed while still valuable and no one seems to be connecting the dots. If we are going to reap the environment of its natural resources to produce things, then we should at least put real use to this stuff.

It is a very fun and revealing process to take every bit of material that is destined to be thrown away and transform it into something else. To illustrate the process, check out how our Spring-Valentine window display was born.

One day, I was cleaning and organizing the basement when I saw we had these white birds from a past project. Paired with paint and fabric scraps, and just in time for Carnival in Brazil, we colored and dressed the doves, giving each one of them a certain personality and a new life. Now, they are both coloring our windows and making passersby smile.

Have you taken a look at what you already have before buying new items? Do you question where your garbage ends up?