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Put an End to Junk Mail

More than 4 million tons, 62,000,000 billion pieces of junk mail are printed yearly.  Some sources believe the number is as high as 90 billion pieces.   Each person receives over 560 pieces of junk mail each year, over 40% of which never gets opened.   Amazingly, 2.8 million cars consume less energy than it takes to produce and dispose of the junk mail.  Each year over 100 million trees are destroyed to produce junk mail. Please visit these sites to eliminate your junk mail.





For dmachoice.org:

  1. set up an account by filling out required fields (name, email, address
  1. Log onto your email and open confirmation email
  2. Once signed into DMA, you have the option of adding multiple addresses to your account. Do so by clicking on "my account" tab at top of the page, then "my profile" which is on the left, then click edit profile and add additional address
  3. To unsubscribe from junk mail, click on "my account" tab, then on "manage my mail" tab ( found on left side)

5. From there you have the option of unsubscribing from catalogs, magazines and other mail offers. You can unsubscribe from certain companies or all of them. Follow prompt based on your preferences.