Reliable hand tailored clothes individually made.


Jussara Lee Summer Outdoor Mending Party

After being cooped up indoors and a move from the Big Apple to Bellport, we invited our friends and community members to immerse themselves in the beauty of slow living at our first-ever outdoor mending event. With featured artists and creatives including Alfred StadlerDevin OlguinJessica Repetto, and Ruonan Yan, city dwellers and locals joined forces to foray into the art of mending. Block printing, leatherwork, and hand painting took center stage as guests saw old, boring, or damaged items transform into exquisite pieces of wearable art. 

The artists at work…


Devin applies block printing to breathe new life into a pair of jeans.

Leather artisan Alfred Stadler’s toolkit was put to work to repair worn gloves and jackets!

Jessica adorns a guest’s preloved shirt with a leaf design.

Ruonan paints an intricate, custom flower motif on a t-shirt.


Everyone got in on the fun!

The after results…

Hand painting by Jessica Repetto


Hand painting by Ruonan Yan

Block printing by Devin Olguin

First-look into my outdoor studio!

In the theme of reinvention and transformation, guests got to have some fun exploring my shed-converted-workshop.

What’s a party without some good music? The band Nina Et cetera played live in my backyard while attendees enjoyed seeing their old clothes come back to life.

Guests came away with new friends, revived clothing, and even fresh produce harvested from my garden!

When we foster community and creativity to challenge the culture of disposability, we deepen our relationships with each other, Mother Earth, and the clothes we wear. Mending is not only a revival for the clothes — it is a revival of our spirit! Taking a step away from mass-produced clothing and embracing the act of revitalizing what we already own gives way to amazing possibilities four ourselves and the planet.
Stay tuned for more workshops and other fun community engagement events! We hope to see you there. :)