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Zero Waste Moving 101


Moving? Here is how I avoided bubble wrap, styrofoam, plastic tape, and the cling wrap altogether. I actually had a lot of fun doing so and the sense of accomplishment for not ending up with a bag of plastic garbage was exhilarating. 

For the newbies, these common materials used to wrap your belongings are among the major culprits of plastic pollution that pervade our natural environments. These materials are often used once and discarded to end up in landfills and oceans. They don’t biodegrade so they just keep piling up as people use and discard them, harming all lives on Earth. 

When I ask various moving companies to go plastic-free, they will say: “Impossible,” another one: “Not Feasible.” The solution? Take matters within your own hands — ditch the plastic and pack yourself with a few simple waste-free alternatives!

What you’ll need

  • A big roll of fabric tape to be used as ties. 
  • Used cardboard boxes and blankets to protect furniture, mirrors, and picture frames
  • Paper tape with water activated glue to replace plastic tape
  • Spray bottle to activate the glue

Fabric Tape


To secure items inside boxes, old, ripped, stained bedsheets and towels, cut up into strips are perfect replacements to the plastic tape.


Paper Tape 


Paper tape is 100% recyclable and a great alternative to the infamous packaging tape. Spraying a bit of water onto the adhesive side will activate the glue and allow the tape to withstand everything and anything a move may bring. They also make your boxes look a lot neater!


Clothes, Towels, and Sheets

Alternative to single-use bubble wrap

Clothes, towels, and sheets are also ideal replacements for bubble wrap to be used as cushions. 


Reused Packaging

Rather than buying new materials, go around your neighborhood collecting used cardboard boxes on recycling pickup days. If you live in a building with a super, ask him/ her to collect these supplies for you and, of course, give them a nice tip for conspiring together against pollution and over extraction :). Mine always laughs at me and thinks I am funny. 

Save bubble wrap and things that would normally go to the trash to reuse for packing. It will feel great to finally put these would-be discards into action again.

Newspapers, and paper boxes can all be recycled over and over again so lavish on them!


Plastic is everywhere and using eco-friendly replacements is a good example of thinking outside of the box. We live in a culture of disposability where the planet is used as a dumping ground. The mass amounts of these non-biodegradable waste just keeps piling up everywhere. These simple plastic-free alternatives allow you to safely pack your precious items without producing more trash.

Once you’re all done with your move, you can save these materials or offer them up to a friend or family who is moving. Together we can keep everything in the loop and out of landfills! 

If you have questions about plastic-free moving, don’t hesitate to ask us! And please do share or write anecdotes about your experiences with us. We are always curious and willing to help.